How to use your own Mashape/Imgur key (and why)

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How to use your own Mashape/Imgur key (and why)

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Imgur has replied to a ticket I made and told me there had been some issues in the API that caused the app credits to be exhausted much faster than they should have been, so maybe all this won't be necessary, for now~


With 3.86 you can now also use your own Imgur APP ID/ClientSecret to keep using their API instead of Mashape (which is much slower/buggy). To use it you must apply to register an application with Imgur here (pick the 2nd OAuth option):

Once you get the keys you have to copy/paste them into MyImgur's settings and select "Use Imgur API (Custom Keys)"

This is the preferred method, and you won't need to enter your credit card details as you do with Mashape (you will be limited to 1250 uploads per day however)



Lately my app has been getting more use and has been reaching Imgur's rate limits.. "ClientRemaining: 0"


What are "rate limits"?

Put simply.. Imgur gives apps a limited amount of API usage per day, exactly around 1250 uploads, or 12500 credits. Simple operations like getting account info, making albums etc use only 1 credit, but image uploads use 10. This means that once 1250 uploads have been made with MyImgur amongst all its users (not 1250 per user.. but in total from anyone using it) it will stop working until this limit resets the next day. In the past they used to allow this limit to be passed upon request, but not anymore.

So what can be done?

1) I can pay them for commercial access, which means I would be paying Imgur so my app's users can use it for free.. yeah how about no.
2) You can opt for the "free" commercial usage with an account of your own, I will explain how:

Here's what Imgur tells us:

So how to do this?

1) Go to and sign up
2) Go to Applications/Default Application
3) Click on "GET THE KEYS"

4) Make sure it's set to "Production" then copy the key
5) Paste the key in MyImgur's settings and enable the Mashape API box

6) Go to click on Pricing then click on Subscribe (they will ask for credit card details) for the basic "free" plan. Be careful though, you will be charged if you use more credits than you are allowed to use for free, automatically.


That's all.

There's one issue with this though, some actions through Mashape's API seem to be VERY slow, i.e refreshing account data will make the app freeze and take over 1 minute to complete. Made a ticket here but there has been no reply:

Next I suggest you contact Imgur and let them know what you think of their API limits.


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